Painting Trip To Slave Lake

Last week Susan and I took an RV trip to Slave Lake (Lessor Slave Lake to be precise).  Even though we were much closer to the wildfire at High Level the air was clear and it was sunny and warm.  It was a pleasure and very satisfying to have a week devoted to painting.  I spent many evenings sitting on the beach and painting.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Here are some of the plein air paintings I completed.

Sunset Paintings

It was a great opportunity to practice sunset paintings.  I waited about an hour each evening to capture that moment when the sun just touched the trees.


Sunset Over Slave Lake

This one of a similar subject was from our night at Thunder Lake.  I love the setting sun and the clouds but I realized when I got it home how much it needs something in the foreground.

Rex Beanland, Sunset Over Thunder Lake, watercolour, 9 x 12
Sunset Over Thunder Lake

Two other day time paintings from Slave Lake

Rex Beanland, Slave Lake, watercolour, 9 x 12
Slave Lake
Rex Beanland, Slave Lake Walkabout, watercolour, 9 x 12
Slave Lake Walkabout

On the drive home we encountered rain for the first time and this scene is from Rocky Mountain House.

Rex Beanland, A Rainy Day In Rocky Mountain House, watercolour, 9 x 9
A Rainy Day In Rocky Mountain House

It was a great trip which we both enjoyed very much . . . and it’s really nice to get some new subject matter for future paintings.

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