Reflections On Tuktoyaktuk

In my previous post I showed some of the photos I took during my recent visit to Tuktoyaktuk.  It was a trip of a life time in a number of ways.  It was my most productive plein air painting experience I’ve ever had.  Here are some of the paintings I completed in Tuk.


Sasha was a girl who worked at the Visitor Information Centre

Rex Beanland, Sasha, watercolour, 11 x 15

In Inuvik I was joined at a restaurant by 7 women who were out celebrating.  Karin was one of them.

Rex Beanland, Karin, Inuvik, watercolour, 11 x 15

Laverna was the owner of the fabulous B & B where I stayed.  We became good friends.

Rex Beanland, Laverna, watercolour, 11 x 15

Landscapes & Urban Landscapes

One of my favourite paintings was this one of a couple of houses in Tuk.

Rex Beanland, Satellite City, watercolour, 11 x 15
Satellite City

Another was a view from my B & B.

Rex Beanland, Tuktoyaktuk Reflections, watercolour, 11 x 15
Tuktoyaktuk Reflections

One of my favourite subjects was the DEW Station (Distant Early Warning).  It’s an unmanned station that monitors all activities in the skies to detect and dangerous activity.

This first one was on a beautiful sunny day.

Rex Beanland, Summer Day, Tuktoyaktuk, watercolour, 11 x 15
Summer Day Tuktoyaktuk

Approximately 2 days later we had a severe Arctic Storm.


Rex Beanland, Arctic Storm, Tuktoyaktuk, watercolour, 11 x 15
Arctic Storm, Tuktoyaktuk

I found a number of scenes in Tuk really reminded me of the Maritimes and the fishing villages.  This was one of those.

Rex Beanland, Life On The Water, watercolour, 11 x 15
Life On The Water

On my last evening Laverna and her granddaughter, Hanna, took me for a drive up to the DEW Station where we looked down on the town.  This  final painting seemed to be my farewell to a wonderful place, great people and a fabulous experience.


Rex Beanland, Goodbye Tuktoyaktuk, watercolour, 11 x 15
Goodbye Tuktoyaktuk

I’m still pondering exactly what drew me to Tuk. For now all I can say is that I’m so grateful for having gone there.  And as for the future . . . who knows!

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