Kensington Market, Toronto – Street Of Wires

Rex Beanland, Street Of Wires, watercolour, 16x12










I spent a week in Toronto over the Christmas Season.  I was so impressed by how big it is, or, more appropriately how big that entire area is.  Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, all just one big city.  The other thing was the rate of development in the downtown area.  New condos everywhere.  It’s a city that moves and shakes.  But the other side of all this is the incredible traffic.  We got caught in a traffic jam where 2 lanes had to merge into one.  It took us 45 – 60 minutes to go about 5 intersections maybe 2 kilometres.  That is not fun.

Any way as far as painting one thing I loved about Toronto was the overhead streetcar wires.  They are such a neat graphic element.  I’ve been studying some master watercolour artists lately and they paint in cities that have streetcar wires such as Melbourne, Australia.  I was always disappointed in the fact Calgary has so few overhead wires.  Now to have seen them in Toronto was a real treat.

This painting from Kensington Market doesn’t have the streetcar wires but it did have a massive number of regular wires.


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