The Power Of Play

Rex Beanland, Waterfall, watercolour, 9 X 6








I am a firm believer in the power of play in our art journey.  Those times when we are completely unconcerned with the product and just playing with the process can yield some real gems and even when they don’t they almost always teach us something.

This image is a good example.  I have been wondering for a while about the best way to create rays of light emerging from a sky or through a mist.  With only that thought I did a couple of little studies.  In one I worked the sky and then lifted out with a paper towel.  In this one I again wet the sky but this time I used a spray bottle to wash out some rays.  I may not have the timing right because the force of the spray swept away most of the paint so I added some darker pigment between the rays.  Eventually it looked like this and I just put a tree right in front of it.  It think it’s a really neat, spontaneous painting.  Doesn’t look like a sky at all but it became a great waterfall.  Another factor in this case is that the paper is from a Strathmore watercolour block and it accepts the paint totally differently then arches which I usually use.

In any case this hour of playing can branch out into a number of new directions so it was well worth the time.

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