Back Lit Building



Rex Beanland, Back Lit Building, watercolour, 9 x 12










This is the demo I did in class last night.  The interesting part of doing this painting was that when I had finished the demo I realized that the walls of the main building were too light and too bland.  So I rewet the bottom half of the building and lay in a darker wash which helped but it still wasn’t enough.  So I rewet the entire main building and got a lot more aggressive at applying some colour.  So as much as our goal is to get the wash right the first time we often fall short of that goal but watercolour allows for many modifications and this is now a much stronger painting and still retains a freshness and a good sense of light.

The one change that I had to make that couldn’t be repaired was to correct the angle of the tram wires.  You can see where I scrubbed the old ones out.

And further to our talk about happy accidents and accepting them as gifts. . .   as I was sloshing paint on the walls a long drop splattered onto the road but it works as a cane for the figure between the car and the 2 main figures.

Back Lit Building
9 x 12

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