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Christmas On 8th Pt2


Rex Beanland, Christmas On 8th, watercolour, 20 x 15











Rex Beanland, photo of 8th Ave, Calgary









This is the painting that I just demoed today at Paintworks Art Studio in Okotoks. It was a great workshop and it was very enjoyable meeting new people.

After I got the painting home I added a number of finishing touches.  It’s a little wild and wooly but I quite like it.  It certainly was a great experience trying to turn this scene, which is in reality a fairly simple one point perspective exercise into a watercolour lesson and teach it.   The most significant element I added was the people  and the car and trying to use them to create a story.

The bright red banners are visually a neat element.  I used cad red light gouache to paint them opaquely on top of all the other paint.

Christmas On 8th Pt2
20 x 15