Early Figure Sketches

Rex Beanland, Crossed Legs, pencil

Crossed Legs








Rex Beanland, Kids Watching A Video, Pen

Kids Watching A Video












It always interests me how the same themes seem to keep popping up in my art over the span of years.  The quick little sketches of the kids watching a video and the one of the crossed legs are both over 12 years old.  This interest in figures has always been an important part of the plein air art that I’ve done but in my studio paintings I’ve always ignored figures and  almost always done pure  landscapes.  I’m not sure why that happened.

Anyway I now feel that I’ve come out of the closet which means I’m doing less of the landscapes and more of the  people, buildings and vehicles.  Not surprisingly I feel that I’m finally starting to find my voice and as a result I’m feeling a new joy in my painting.

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